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Sheila Atim - Sue Terry Voices


Sheila Atim

Female artist
Age 20 - 30s

Sheila Atim

Young, fresh, girl next door. Oozes strength, confidence & Intelligence.  Natural, clean, trustworthy and relevant.

Actor, singer, model & composer.

Best known for Skin (2016) and Lexi and Micky (2017)

Born in Essex but naturally has a neutral accent with a slight London edge.

Very confident with an Amercian accent - including Chicago, Minnesota & generic American.



Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Natural Read
  • Documentary Reel
  • American Commercial Reel

Video Samples

  • The Girl from The North Country - Sheila Atim sings Bob Dylan's "Tight Connection To My Heart"


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