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Denise Gough

Denise Gough

Engaging & intelligent with strength & conviction.

Consider for neutral English work as well as her natural Irish.

Winner of the Laurence Olivier Award 2016 - Best Actress for 'People, Places, Things' at the National Theatre.

Winner of the Laurence Olivier Award 2018 -Best Supporting Actress for Angels in America at the National Theatre.

Her main commercial reel is all neutral because she uses Neutral English in nearly all her acting work. However, her natural accent is Southern Irish, Dublin. Listen to Irish Commercial Reel.

She does an excellent Northern Irish accent too, please listen to the clip.

Very good American accent but we don't have a clip, please ask us if you need one.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Neutral Natural Read
  • Irish Commercial Reel
  • Irish Natural Read

Singing Ability


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