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Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Energetic, bold, fun voice with superb comic timing & plenty of accent versatility.

Well known as school bully, Mark in 'The Inbetweeners'. 

Extremely versatile with accents. Is very well known as cockney due to his part in the Inbetweeners. He has also starred in leading roles as a Mancunian.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Natural Read: All Voices
  • Friendly Fun Commercial
  • Mancunian Accent (main voice & end voice)

Singing Ability

  • Tenor/Baritone (Professional - Use to gig as a singer & has good stage singing experience.)

Musical Instruments

Other Languages

  • French (Comfortable to read it. - Good accent. )
  • Italian (Comfortable to read it. - Good accent.)


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