Sheila Atim, Jessica Gunning and Mawaan Rizwan to star in 'ECHO' at the Royal Court!


A new performer takes to the stage at every show without having a clue of what is going to be asked of them. Unrehearsed and unprepared, the script becomes their guide as they journey through the story of the playwright, connected live from his flat in Berlin? Or is he? Can we really know where or when we are?  

ECHO asks us to confront what it feels like to be a immigrant in time, as much as in space. Fusing technology with the oldest tricks in the book, ECHO is an experiment in concept touring for the age of climate crisis: an ambitious, magical and uncompromising production where no one travels yet everybody can be present.

Sheila Atim will star on the 16th July, Mawaan Rizwan on the 24th July and Jessica Gunning on the 25th July. Book here for the run!