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Joanna Neary - Sue Terry Voices


Joanna Neary

Female artist
Age 40s

Joanna Neary

Quirky, comedy, character actress.

Distinctive, smooth, dry and very funny. Slight accent.

Brought up in Cornwall so can slip into a Cornish accent very easily.

Click Video sample to listen to her and Eve Webster's character voices. For more details contact us!

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Comedy Characters
  • Additional Characters
  • Promo

Video Samples

  • Character Voices - Cadbury's Adopt a Cow

Singing Ability

  • Various singing styles (Skilled - Past choir member, sang at Brighton Music Festival, confident musical parodies.)

Musical Instruments

  • Guitar (Competent - Used to be in girl band, played it in The Last Chancers on TV.)

Acting Talents

Other Languages


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