New feature film 'Sulphur and White', out in cinemas on 6th March.


Starring Mark Stanley, Emily Beecham and featuring Alistair Petrie, Rosalie Craig and Sheila Atim.

Based on an incredible true story, a moving and deeply personal drama of how troubled childhood experiences can destroy one's future without the redemptive power of love. 

We all carry secrets. Experiences that define us. David carries his but they burn at him. Eat away at his soul. He sets out to build his career in the cutthroat world of financial trading. He is single-minded to the point of ruthless and manages for a time to stay on top. 

But his life begins to crumble as his childhood memories threaten to destroy him. He meets Vanessa, the love of his life, who wants to find a future for them if only David can find a way to heal his deep emotional wounds.

Out in cinemas 6th March. Watch the trailer here.