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John Macmillan

John Macmillan

Versatile actor - deep, powerful, honest, cool, soothing, effortless & intelligent.

Extremely varied acting career - ranging from comedic roles such as Ronald in the hit series Chewing Gum to Silk where he played second-in-command to the Senior Clerk on the front line of criminal law.

Has lived and studied in Johannesburg, Swaziland, Zambia, Malawi & Oxford  - is confident with all accents.

Other accents include: South African, London, RP & all American accents.

"But it is MacMillan’s dizzying vocal acrobatics – wry, pained, prudish, silly, terrified – that propel Killer beyond the realm of the radio play and make these characters come to life"

Corrie Tan
The Guardian on Killer - Philip Ridley double-bill - Shoreditch Town Hall


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