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Jason Forbes

Jason Forbes

Actor, Character Comedian & Writer.

Versatile, endearing, considered with excellent comic timing and a dry, humourous delivery.

One third of sketch trio Daphne. They've had two series on Radio 4 'Daphne Sounds Expensive' where they present peculiar characters, wacky scenarios and curious observations.  

He's a lover of physical comedy and often incorporates slapstick humour into his routines.

Daphne were the winners of the London Sketchfest's prize for 'Best New Act' in 2015. Their first Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Daphne Do Edinburgh, was critically acclaimed and Daphne were nominated for the 2015 Foster's (formerly Perrier) Award for 'Best Newcomer'.

Born in Bristol but speaks with a neutral accent. He does a London, West Country, various American and a West Indian accent in his Character sample.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Character
  • Spanish Reel
  • American Clip

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