Robert Bathurst & John Thomson return for season 8 of Cold Feet

Writer Mike Bullen teases us in the opening few minutes when Pete, Jen, Adam, Karen and David dress for a wedding. But whose? It’s a deliciously light start to a new series of his beloved comic drama that looks at the minefields of middle-class middle age without ever being patronising or preachy. 

It’s not all fun, though: there’s a suggestion of dark times ahead when one of the little group of long-standing, long-suffering pals hears something that doesn’t augur well. 

As we return to Manchester, Adam (James Nesbitt) continues to embarrass himself by hitting on much, much younger women. In the past, this might have been thought twinkly and charming, but times have moved on in so many ways, and Adam must take a long, literal, look in the mirror. 

Pete and Jen, meanwhile, think they might face a major life change, while Karen and David try to support their unhappy son.

Watch on Monday 14th January at 9pm on ITV.