Rewatch Rory Kinnear, Mathew Baynton & Maggie Service in comedy series Quacks!

Robert (Rory Kinnear) is a fabulously vain celebrity surgeon in 1840s England, performing blood-curdling operations to a gallery of love-struck women. His friend John (Tom Basden) is a pioneer of anaesthetics and William (Mathew Baynton) a psychiatrist. Together they are ahead of their time as medical practitioners, but not so far that they’re entirely comfortable with John’s bizarre ideas about offering pain relief for amputations by saw. 

It’s an original conceit from Rev writer James Wood with some bold flashes of wit and a fabulous performance by Rupert Everett as Dr Hendrick, the slightly hateful boss of the local asylum. The sheer weirdness may take a while to get used to, but I’m happy to submit to the surgical saw for a follow-up procedure.