New series of Would I Lie To You? With team captain David Mitchell

That thrashy theme music and the slightly rubbish graphics bounce us in to series 12 of the laugh-till-your-eyes-water panel show. All you really need to know is that for this opener Bob Mortimer, unlikely maestro of this show, is in the house.

Mortimer plays the plausible-claim game like Jimi Hendrix playing a guitar – possibly upside down and back to front, but better than anyone else. By the end, David Mitchell, captaining the other team, has his head in his hands in despair as he waits to learn whether in fact, as Bob claims, he always cracks an egg into his bath because Chris Rea told him to. (“If you know Chris, it’s just so Chris,” Bob explains.)

Making up the numbers are Debbie McGee (“I was ironing in the garden with my bikini on…” she begins one anecdote, disturbingly), football pundit Dion Dublin and Lucy Porter.

Watch on Friday 12th October at 9:30pm on BBC1.