New drama Press starring Kasia Koleczek, Tom Bell & David Schofield

New series. Drama following the goings-on at two newspapers - a broadsheet and a tabloid. At The Herald, deputy news editor Holly Evans is tasked with giving Wendy Bolt - a controversial right-wing commentator - a tour of the office, but she is itching to get back to a hit-and-run story she is following. However, in doing so, she is in danger of getting on the bad side of editor Duncan Allen.

Over at The Post, Oxford graduate Ed Washburn is tasked with speaking to the parents of a footballer who has committed suicide - only for things to get tricky when the couple withdraw the interview. 

Kasia Koleczek plays Kristina, Tom Bell is Jon Brooks & David Schofield plays Chris Cartwright. 

Watch on Thursday 6th September at 9pm on BBC One.