New comedy series Stath Lets Flats starring Natasia Demetriou, Katy Wix, Dustin Demri-Burns & Pippa Haywood

After a slow and creaky start this lettings agency caper is finding its feet with sharper plotting and a bit more heart. Now it’s the “Inter Agency Football Madness” tournament and while team Michael and Eagle Lettings don’t want the cretinous Stath (Jamie Demetriou) on their team as they face arch rival Smethwicks, he naturally makes things extremely painful for everyone (including us). 

Astonishingly enough, our hero also has a romantic admirer – Stath’s sister Sophie’s equally witless friend Katia, whose longing for love is rather affecting. We discover hidden depths to Stath’s dad Vasos, too, and the look he gives his hapless son during the footie tells a thousand painful stories.

Watch on Channel 4 at 10pm Channel 4 Wednesday 18th July.