Mali Harries & Matthew Gravelle star in new Welsh drama Keeping Faith

You’ve possibly already seen Keeping Faith, on BBC Wales when it was first transmitted earlier this year or during its record-breaking iPlayer run. If you haven’t and wonder what the fuss is about, let me stress that this opening episode of Matthew Hall’s thriller is not typical of the series.

Chirruping Faith Howells, chaotic mum, loving wife, a solicitor on maternity leave who regularly gets drunk with the girls, and clatters around her small Welsh town on vertiginous heels, could strike you as annoying. 

But Faith must get to grips with a looming darkness. Her husband Evan, says goodbye one morning and vanishes from his family’s lives.

This is a whole new world for Faith; she wonders who she was really married to as Evan’s secrets drip and then cascade. The tone next week is much darker and, chances are, you’ll be hooked.

Watch Thursday 12th July on BBC ONE at 9pm.