Les Misérables with Henry Lloyd Hughes (pictured), Abraham Popoola & Leah Harvey

New series. Adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel, which follows an epic journey through 19th-century France as the nation stands on the brink of revolution. Dominic West plays the lead role of Jean Valjean, a former convict attempting to begin his life anew while all around him a desperate underclass struggles to survive. Valjean's search for a fresh start is thwarted by prejudice against ex-convicts and the suspicion of an obsessed former guard who is convinced he will reoffend. Elsewhere, an army officer returns home from the battle of Waterloo desperate to reconnect with his son, while a seamstress has an encounter that could lead to her downfall. With David Oyelowo, Lily Collins and David Bradley.

Sunday 30th December on BBC1, 9pm.