John Thomson is on the drums in Gareth Malone's All Star Music Quiz

On the eve of BBC Music Day, something beyond the average celebrity panel game: Gareth Malone asks the questions, with the two teams of famous people encouraged to play the answer on their favoured instruments. Can Ed Balls play the piano to the same standard as his quickstep, and is he on a level with JB Gill from JLS, who also plays keys? Is Cold Feet/Fast Show star John Thomson a thrashing Keith Moon-style animal on the drums, or more of a controlled Charlie Watts type? 

With the other guests somewhat less well-known and so presumably chosen for their musical aptitude – not least YolanDa Brown, whose day job is being one of the UK’s best saxophonists – you can expect an amusingly wide range of abilities.

Watch on Thursday 27th September at 7pm on BBC2.