Joe McGann in Love Lies Bleeding at Print Room Notting Hill

When Alex Macklin moved to the deserts of the south-west he was determined to give up his career as a painter and start making monumental land art. However, when a second major stroke leaves him motionless and mute everything changes. Kept alive only by machines and the desperation of his fourth wife, the family dynamic changes when Alex’s second wife and only child make their way to the dusty world where Alex lies. What does alive mean? How much control should we have over death?

American powerhouse author Don DeLillo is known for his insight, wit and humour. He brings this complex story into sharp focus with the blackest of humour, incredible perception and a whip-like whit. Having received awards and nominations for over 40 prizes, among which are the Pulitzer, PEN/Faulkner and Man Booker International Prizes, DeLillo has been lauded around the world.

Book your tickets here. Performing 9th November- 8th December.