Jodie Whittaker cooks up a storm in Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

TV’s most energised cookery show returns to that cool café on the end of Southend Pier. For my money there’s no other series that hums with the joy of food and the joy of eating as reliably as this one. 

And to start series six, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty have a Doctor in the house: Jodie Whittaker is their star guest, readily admitting, when faced with the amount of food to get through, “I’ve made a right error, I’ve worn Spanx.”

But the heart of the show is the recipes that fly past at thrilling speed, including a US-inspired pork roast with bourbon and “dirty gravy” and a crab pasta dish that’s so simple the boys get kids to cook it on the beach.

But it’s all about the memories connected with food, too. Just look at the grateful amazement on Whittaker’s face when she realises the programme has unearthed the exact massaman curry she remembers fondly from her days backpacking in Thailand. And then… she has to cook it.

Watch on Channel 4 Friday 7th December at 8pm.