Jim Johnson stars in Five Nights Inside Adam Riches

Friday 2nd March 9.15pm @ The Vaults. 

‘Plat du Nuit – The Comeback Special’ (2003)

The first show I ever performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and boy did it tank! Whoa. I’m talking full-on Sherman here. Low audiences, bad reviews, terrible post-Fringe blues. I actually gave up writing and performing for a whole year and a half such was the shock this whole experience was to my system.

BUT. I think they were wrong. I still think it’s a pretty good show. Not perfect, by any means, but a decent enough debut that didn’t deserve to be labelled as ‘one of the worst shows ever to be staged at the Edinburgh Fringe’. But come along and judge for yourself!

It’s a live musical concert from a wholly mismatched lounge act who every night, without fail, end up falling out and breaking up. Also starring Jim Johnson.