Jemima Rooper and Andrew Knott star as married couple in Silent Witness

A young woman desperate to pee after a night out sneaks into a men’s filthy loos, only to hear a man in the next cubicle being murdered. If you’re as squeamish as I am about the presumed hygiene of public toilets, never mind murder, you’ll be rigid with alarm.

Luckily the gang from the Lyell Centre – Thomas, Clarissa, Nikki and Harry – are back, all present and correct, so we are in safe hands because they will investigate the crime while the bumbling, dithering, blinkered cops let the truth slip through their fingers.

Silent Witness also embraces a hot topic – the murder victim is transsexual so there’s plenty of preaching from the BBC pulpit. Such as this from Thomas: “Being trans is not an illness”. Yes, thank you, I think we know that.

Jemima and Andrew star as married couple Amy and Nick Marlow. Watch on Tuesday 8th January at 9pm on BBC One.