Dry Powder starring Aidan McArdle

New play from Sarah Burgess’ stars Aidan McArdle as Rick, a private equirty firm owner, after forcing massive layoffs at a supermarket chain, Rick throws himself a lavish engagement party, which features a very large elephant, setting off a publicity nightmare. However all’s not lost when you’re the titan of high finance – there’s still an abundance of cash in reserve and Seth (Tom Riley), one of Rick’s partners, spots an opportunity to salvage the company’s reputation with an investment that’s both sound and PR-friendly.  But Jenny (Hayley Atwell), the third partner, and Seth’s nemesis, has other ideas: she’s not in business to make friends. If there’s money to be made, she’ll do whatever it takes to generate the maximum return, irrespective of what the critics might say…

Sarah Burgess’ breathtakingly witty and virtuosic comedy explores the vision, the vulnerability, and the vilification of those shaping and skewing the economy. Starring fantastic talent alongside Aidan is Hayley Atwell and Tom Riley.

Dry Powder will be running at Hampstead Theatre 26 JAN - 3 MAR 2018

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