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Tatjana Nardone

Tatjana  Nardone

Confident with energy & enthusiasm. Smiley & honest.

Tatjana grew up in Dublin and when she speaks, it is with a neutral Irish accent.

At the age of 11, Tatjana moved to Italy. She learnt Italian and graduated from drama school in Rome.Tatjana is a perfectly bilingual Irish-Italian actor. 

She is successful in both London and Rome as an actor and uses Irish, Italian, RP & American equally in her screen work.

You can find Tatjana's Italian material in the International section on our site.

Best Actress Winner at the London Horror Film Festival 2017 for her independent film, Redwood.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Natural Read
  • Calm & Warm Commercial
  • English with an Italian Accent - Natural & Calm

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