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Rhashan Stone

Rhashan Stone

Lovely rich quality. Trustworthy, interesting and effortless.

Incredible animated voices & versatile character voice.

Both English & American accents. True to both. He is unique as was brought up in both the UK & The States. When in the States he naturally talks with an American accent and when in UK he naturally talks with a neutral English accent.

His London & Norfolk accents are due to spending a lot of time in both from a young age. He has used all his accents in good acting roles and is therefore practised and reliable.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Natural Read
  • Characters for Animation - British
  • Character Commercial - Ranting (English)

Singing Ability

  • Blues (Professional - Gospel & Jazz too. Played West End Musical Lead.)

Musical Instruments

Acting Talents

Writing Experience

  • TV (Professional)

Other Languages


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