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Nina Deiana

Nina Deiana

Classy, delicate, luxurious and sensual. 

Nina grew up in Sardinia and Italian is her mother tongue.

She's fluent in English and has been described as having an unplaceable European accent when she speaks naturally. Yet she can do a perfect Italian accent when speaking English too. We can offer samples of both.

She is also fluent in Spanish as half her family are from Equador and Peru and she learned Spanish there through all her visits. She speaks with a European Spanish accent.

Was the star in the West End show, The Woman in Black for several years.

As well as an actor, Nina is a successful jazz singer.

Audio Samples

  • Italian Commercial - Thought Provoking & Pretty
  • Italian Commercial - Bright & Warm
  • Italian Commercial - Smooth & Calm
  • Italian Commercial - Fast & Selly
  • English with Italian Accent Commercial - Sensual & Warm


  • Authoritative
  • Cool
  • Natural
  • Warm
  • Sexy
  • Smooth
  • Rich
  • Corporate
  • New


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