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Morven Christie

Morven Christie

Pure, fresh, clean and soothing. Impressive range and can sound like different people without any effort.

We primarily sell Morven's Neutral voice. She switches from natural Highland (Loch Lomond) into Neutral on a daily basis. Naturally speaks in Scottish accent but 99% of her acting roles are Neutral. You'd have no idea there's even a touch of Scottish in there. Listen, and you'll find out!

Leading TV actor; best known for The Replacement, The A Word, Twenty Twelve & Grantchester. 

Superb French accent, clip attached.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Natural Read: English & Scottish
  • Scottish Documentary
  • Scottish Commercials

Singing Ability

Other Languages

  • French (Basic - Very good accent.)
  • Spanish (Basic - Very good accent.)


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