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Mim Shaikh

Mim Shaikh

Confident, cool, grounded and honest. 

Actor, Broadcaster and Spoken-Word Poet based in London. Originally from Pakistan and speaks fluent Urdu. 

Starred in various film and television productions including his debut lead role in the (2016) dark-comedy feature film ‘Freehold’, which was shortlisted at the SXSW Film Festival. Series regular in the BBC drama 'Informer' where he used his natural multicultral London accent.

He is currently filming a supporting role in the Romantic-Comedy ‘What’s Love Got to do With It?’ written by Jemima Khan.

As well as his growing acting career, Shaikh is a Broadcaster who has presented BBC Radio 1 and debuted with his (2018) documentary Mim Shaikh: Finding Dad on the BBC. 

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  • Documentary- Mim Shaikh Finding Dad
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