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Joe Dixon

Joe Dixon

Deep, smokey, thoughtful voice. Incredibly resonant, wise sound. Natural authority.

Star of the stage. Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement (The Swan Season - RSC) 

Olivier Award nominee for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Paris in The Roman Actor, RSC

Originally from West Midlands, please listen to the first track on his Commercial Montage. Otherwise, he has a neutral accent.

Has a good French-English accent.

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Natural Read: Birmingham
  • Promo
  • Birmingham Commercial

Singing Ability

  • Tenor (Professional - Sung lead role in "The Bacchae" Opera at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Been in top ten in Denmark, Spain & Russia for backing vocals!)

Musical Instruments

Acting Talents

Other Languages

  • French (Fluent - Good accent. Used in The Mummy Returns.)
  • Spanish (Conversational)


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