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Frazer Hadfield

Frazer Hadfield

Young, cool, natural, charming, intelligent and clear.

Born in Yorkshire, has lived in Lancashire and has a generic Northern accent.


Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • Natural Read
  • Conversational Read
  • Storytelling Commercial


  • The History Boys (Theatre, 2020) Scripps. The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre
  • Frayed (TV, 2019) Lenny, Sky & ABC.
  • Absolute Hell (Theatre, 2018) GI/Pianist/Ensemble, National Theatre.
  • The Borrowers (TV, 2017) The Boy, The Watermill Theatre.
  • The Girls (Theatre, 2017) Ensemble, Phoenix Theatre.
  • Flashes (Theatre, 2016) Sam, Oxford School of Drama.
  • Measure for Measure (Theatre, West End, 2016) Angelo, Oxford School of Drama.
  • Into the Woods (Theatre, 2016) The Baker, Oxford School of Drama.

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