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Ben Cura

Ben Cura

A full, rounded, intelligent voice. Both commanding and calming.

Successful TV & film actor, Ben is a hybrid of accents and languages. In the UK he speaks with a completely neutral English accent, when he's in America he speaks with an American accent. From a young age, he has spent regular, long periods of time in America, hence his natural American accent.

Ben is one of few artists who appears in both our International section and our British section and has worked in TV & film using all his accents and languages. For international languages and accents, outside UK & North America, see Ben in our International section.

Born in Argentina, Ben moved to Italy when he was one and a half, at six, he moved to Paris, at eleven he moved to Madrid and at eighteen he came to London.  He speaks all the appropriate languages like a local, except specifically, Argentine Spanish, although his English with an Argentine accent is excellent, as with other South American accents including Chilean and Mexican.  

Audio Samples

  • Commercial Montage
  • Documentary
  • American

Singing Ability

Musical Instruments

Other Languages


  • The Rook (TV, 2019) Cobbler. Starz!
  • 8 Hotels (Theatre, 2019) José Ferrer. Chichester Festival Theatre
  • Ransom (TV, 2018. ) Rafael Salazar. CBS/Corus.
  • 15 Minutes De Guerre (Feature Film, 2017. ) Philip Shafer. Capture The Flag Films.
  • Gatecrash (Feature Film, 2017. ) Steve. Birdbox Pictures/Goldfinch Entertainment.
  • Silent Witness (TV, 2016. ) Teacher/Gustavo Aguirre. BBC.
  • Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (TV, 2016. ) Toni. IM Global/EON Productions.
  • Gun Shy (Feature Film, 2016. ) Captain Juan Carlos. Salty Films/Carnaby Films.
  • Postcards from London (Feature Film, 2016. ) Caravaggio. The Bureau Film Company.
  • Marcella (TV, 2015.) Matthew Neil. ITV.

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